A “cookie” is a bit of data sent by a website through the browser to the computer of the user visiting the site, and enables our sites to return the results the browser expects. We may use temporary, session-specific cookies to ensure visits to our sites is smooth and customized for the visitor – for example, to control the display of ads, to track usage patterns on our sites, to deliver editorial content, and to record registration and personalization information. Such cookies allow us to provide a visitor’s browser with information tailored to the visitor’s preferences and needs. We also may use permanent or persistent cookies that remain on a visitor’s computer after the visitor leaves our sites. We use this data on an anonymous basis and we do not correlate this information with personal data of any user.

Most website browsers automatically accept cookies, but you may be able to turn off the cookie acceptance option in your browser’s settings. However, disabling the cookie support function of the browser may prevent some portions of our sites from functioning properly, and you may not be able to utilize fully all of our sites’ features and information.
We may from time to time use advertising companies to develop banner ads for our sites. These ads may contain cookies that may be sent to your browser through the banner ads. We do not have control over cookies placed by our advertisers, nor do we have access to any information their cookies may collect.

We might also receive information about you from third parties that track your activities on the web or from partners or third party service providers with whom you’ve transacted business.  These third parties generally would be other providers that you have authorized to obtain and share information about you and/.or information about your activities on the internet, such as sites you visit using your computer or mobile device.  We may combine this information with other information we have collected from you by other means and we may use and/or disclose that combined information consistent with this Cookie Policy.

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